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About BrandonWill Enterprises, Inc.

BrandonWill Enterprises, Inc. is a company owned and operated by Cecelia (Cissy, Dr. Cecelia) Yopp.  The company is named for Cecelia and her husband's son, William Brandon, who was born still in 1999.  

Cecelia wears many hats and has obtained or enhanced several skills throughout her journey of life; skills which include three passions:  editing (her undergraduate degree  from the University of Florida is in Telecommunication: Broadcast News), counseling (her doctorate degree from Logos Christian College and Graduate Schools is in Religious Philosophy with a concentration in Christian counseling), and crocheting (what started out as a hobby to which she was introduced while living in Italy).  

Via BrandonWill Enterprises, Inc., Cecelia provides services that highlight and utilize these three passions of hers.   Allow BrandonWill Enterprises, Inc. to add the polishing touches on your final manuscript, with our freelance editing services, or to provide you with the support and guidance through the challenges of life with our online Christian counseling services, or to provide you with a handmade, custom-ordered Cissy's Crochet Creations piece.  

We look forward to hearing from you!